Corporation Form

  • 1. Name of Corporation

    Name must include one of the following corporate designations: Assosiation, Company, Co., Corporation, Corp., Club, Foundation, Fund, Incorporated, Inc., Society, Union, Syndicate, Limited, or Ltd. (Note: If you do not specify a designation, we will use "Inc.")
  • (In the event your first choice is in use by another entity)
  • 2. Number of Shares of authorized stock

    If you do not specify, we will use 1,000 shares of authorized common stock, $.01 par value.
  • Please Note: The State of Delaware Annial Franchise Tax is calculated on the number of authorized shares. See the attached for examples of tax calculations: Schedule of Franchise Tax.
  • Please note: The State of Delaware Annual Franchise Tax is calculated on the number of authorized shares. See the attached for examples of tax calculations: Schedule of Franchise Tax
  • 3. Directors

    The corporation must have at least on director.
  • Provide the names and addresses of the initial directors. You may add as many names as you require
  • Contact Person

    Contact person for correspondence and billing. Remember, if this information changes you are responsible for notifying us of the change.
  • If you choose to SUBMIT this order online a receipt will be sent to this email address. If you choose to PRINT and fax or mail this form, an email recipt will not be sent.
  • 5. Registered Agent

    Please select one of the following options.
  • 6. Incorporation Services and Documentation.

  • BEST BUY Package below includes:
    • » We check on the availability of your corporate name in Delaware (only);
    • » We draft and file your Certificate of Incorporation the same day we process your order;
    • » We draft your Bylaws;
    • » Certified copy of your Certificate of Incorporation;
    • » Custom made seal with corporate name and year of incorporation;
    • » Organizational minutes adopting bylaws and electing initial Board of Directors;
    • » Twenty printed stock certificates;
    • » Stock ledger and stock transfer record;
    • » Corporate minute book and slip case with corporate name imprinted;
    • » Blank IRS forms SS-4 and 2553; and
    • » Complete corporate kit sent by first class mail postage prepaid (US addresses only).
    Director and Officer Protection Package - $45 Special charter provisions providing for mandatory indemnification for directors and officers. Highly recommended by most corporate attorneys.
    Special charter provision permitting certain reorganization of creditor claims and binding on nonconsenting creditors.
    Special charter provision to authorize issuance of preferred stock in one or more series, with terms set at time of issuance. Specify # under Item 2 above.
    Special charter provision electing statutory close corporation status.
    Tax Exempt / Membership / Member Managed
    Tax Exempt / Membership / Trustee Managed
    Do not select if you selected the Best Buy package. Includes binder with corporate name imprinted, custom seal, 20 stock certificates and stock transfer ledger.
    Do not select if you selected Best Buy Package
    Needed if qualifying in another state
    Overnight / Documents and Kit / US Address
    Documents Only / US Address
    Documents Only / International Address
    Documents and Kit / International Addresses
    Documents Only / International Addresses
    Doccuments and Kit / International Addresses
    Sealed certification of filed documents by Delaware Secretary of State for use in countries who are members of the Hague Convention.
  • [If you order an Apostile, be advised that your order may be delayed several weeks unless you request expedited service]
  • 7. Confirmation and Payment Information

  • By returning this form by fax, by e-mail or by mail, I acknowledge and agree to the following:

    1. I hereby certify that Delaware Corporations LLC has not provided me any legal or tax services or advice.

    2. So long as Delaware Corporations LLC continues to receive this Limited Liability Company's annual tax report from the State of Delaware, I authorize Delaware Corporations LLC to charge my annual registered agent fee to the above designated credit card.

    3. If this form is returned by e-mail and not by fax or by mail, then the act of returning this form by e-mail shall constitute the execution by me of this form with like effect as if I had manually signed this form below in the space provided for my signature.

    Signature (if sending by fax or mail):

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    Sign this form and fax it to (302) 652-8597 OR Sign this form and mail it to: Delaware Corporations LLC The Corporate Plaza 800 Delaware Avenue P.O. Box 8702 Wilmington, DE 19899 Thank you for choosing Delaware Corporations LLC.